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Passive Income Stream Idea: Selling Stock Photography

Selling stock photography for passive income is a HUGE opportunity for anyone interested in passive income. In fact, it's all about taking action right away and not letting yourself make excuses about why you shouldn't do this and make this successful. In fact, one of the books I have read recently mentioned a young college student who began taking pictures around his college campus in between classes and selling them on a stock photography site and he ended up building a six figure income for himself. SIX FIGURES! The authors of the book attribute his success to the fact that he didn't make any excuses and he just went for it. The book was called Six Figure Second Income but they only briefly talk about the college student making 6 figures with stock photography in it.

There are other ways to make passive income online of course. One of the ways I am currently making passive income online is through creating content for a revenue sharing website called hubpages(you're on hubpages right now!). If you'd like to sign up, just check out my signature box under my username for some information.



I do firmly believe that stock photography is a great opportunity for you. And so is writing on hubpages. It all boils down to what you would rather do with your time. What do you enjoy more? Do you like writing? Or, do you like taking pictures more?

Let's get back to the point though, I first read about selling stock photography for passive income many years ago on a website called I'm pretty sure that is the website if it's wrong, just google notbythehour and you'll find it. On that site, you have lots of different suggestions about how to build streams of passive income. It's more geared towards freelancers but a lot of the ideas they share on there can be acted on by anyone.

Could you imagine making 6 figures taking pictures! That must be incredible… I mean photography is so much fun… So is writing of course! If you like both writing AND photography, why not do both??

The reason I'm making money on Hubpages but not through selling stock photography however is because of the reason I first brought up in the beginning of this article: I made excuses. When it came to Hubpages, I didn't make excuses, I signed up right away… but when it comes to selling stock photography, I had every excuse in the world. For example, I would say to myself:

-Noone would buy my photographs

-I'm not a good enough photographer

-I'm not even a photographer at all!

-I don't have the time…

-What if I fail?

That last excuse is really powerful. How many of us limit ourselves because of our fear of failure… Fear of failure is a very real thing and it must be overcome by any entrepreneurial individual if they really want to make passive income online.

If I would have never taken action on signing up here on Hubpages, I wouldn't have made a penny, and I wouldn't have learned a thing about everything that comes with writing content online for passive income… like how to promote your articles once they're published for example.

Anyways, that's all for this article. Thanks for reading! Don't make any excuses, check out my signature box under my username and sign up to write for Hubpages for passive income right now! Once that is done, sign up with the best stock photography website. Then, once you're a member of these 2 sites, start writing articles! And start taking pictures! Finally, upload your pictures and articles to these websites and start making some money!

Thanks for reading!

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