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If you have ever wanted to become a photographer, why not go freelance. A freelance photographer has to have the ability to:

Be flexible. Your clients can call at anytime or need your services at any time. You have to have a flexible schedule as well as a flexible character.

Photograph professionally. This is a given. Before you become a freelance photographer
you actually have to be pretty good at taking pictures, either it be landscape, politics, portraits, etc. Your job depends upon your skill.

Work with your clients. You have to be friendly and willing to work with each client you encounter. Having a friendly attitude in the long run will help you gain new clients as well as keep your existing ones.

Before you start your career as a freelance photographer your going to need a few things, such as:

Gear. Including, but not limited to: cameras, a computer, tripod, etc.

A portfolio. A portfolio is either a notebook/blog/website where you show your own photography work.

Business cards. Getting business cards is a must have for this job. They're great for marketing as well as keeping in touch with your clients.

Look into collecting your gear as soon as possible. Becoming a freelance photographer is not always an easy task to accomplish. It's going to take a lot of hard work and dedication, and during the beginning of your career the pay might not be fantastic, but as long as you love what you're doing (photography) and you keep dedicated to your job you'll eventually succeed.

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