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Photoshop Cs2 Tutorial : How to Convert a Black & White Photo to a New Colored Photo , a Cool Tip Using Photoshop

Try to follow up with the attached images while you read this Tutorial .

-When you open your photo in Photoshop you the first thing you need to do is convert the color mode of your photo to be usable for you to change from black and white to colored.
– All you need to do in this step is to Go To the Image menu to do that . Then you will find the mode section click on it and you will see that you photo is in the gray color mode , click on RGB mode to change it from GRAY SCALE TO RGB .
Fast Follow up : Image > Mode > RGB .

-Now Add a new layer to you photo , In your Layer windows click on Create a new Layer Then name it color mask , By this way all editing you will submit will take place in the new layer so you can have your old photo on the original condition .
-Change The new Layer mode from Normal TO Multiply , You will find this layer mode list on top of your layers panel .

– Check the attached Image .

Quick Tip : Why you change layer mode to Multiply ? . When you change your layer to multiply mode all colors added in this layer will appears in your original photo layer but you are actually editing the new layer not the original one .

-Now we will coloring the man face , It's more tricky to change the face from black and white to colored face . All what you need to know to master this tip is to chose the write tone for your face , and it will not be the same in every photo you edit it will change from photo to anther so try to customize your self with every photo you work in .

-Chose the color tone you need to apply , Then chose a small size brush ( From 8 To 15 ) to be more careful with painting . Why Choosing a small brush ? well it will be easier for you to color the face with a small one cause you need to deal with your exact diminutions of the face and you have to color just over the face to have the perfect effect.

In my case I will chose a litter yellow color and start painting the man's face and with a 10 px brush .

– Check the attached Image .

-To make a good effect with coloring Chose the erase tool and erase the color from the eyes and teeth of the man. Try to be more careful while painting ,

-Now Do the same to color the hair , Make a new Layer and name it hair Mask for example . Also change the mode to Multiply same as your first layer .
Then Chose a Color and Paint the hair and be careful with painting the hair ,Try not to paint over the face .

-You may paint the shirt or the any thing with the same way as we do it for the hair and the face and your Photo is ready .
-The Only trick on this tip is to chose the right color of every part.

A GOOD TIP : You may change any color after painting it using the Hue/Saturation adjustment for every layer .
Image > adjustment > Hue/Saturation .

Hope you find it easy . until next time .

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